You should sell your business when you are ready and when the time is right. The following list of items will not only add value to a business but will also increase its marketability. If you are not ready, contact us today to learn how our Advisory Services can increase the value of your business.

  1. Increase sales annually
  2. Remove yourself from the business
  3. Develop a strong management team
  4. Replace family members that work in the business
  5. Reduce the amount of owner perks
  6. Sell unnecessary assets
  7. Reduce inventory to a manageable level
  8. Develop a strong sales force
  9. Diversify the customer base
  10. Develop an organizational chart
  11. Reduce unnecessary large purchases
  12. Additional steps used to prepare for a later sale

• Eliminate unproductive employees
• Develop and/or improve company website
• Have written procedures for operations (i.e. employee manuals)
• Keep you’re A/R higher than A/P
• Keep A/R within 30-60 days

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