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How Much is My Business Worth?

National Transactions Advisors’ Preferred Partners have been deal makers for many years.  Our knowledge comes from actual closed transactions, along with market research and intelligence, financial analysis and a sense of urgency to client needs.   National is backed by one of the largest business valuation and machinery & equipment appraisal firms in the Country: National Business Valuation Services.  Our Go-To Market Assessment helps shareholders understand their potential returns and liquidity options.

  • Analysis of the Company’s Key Financial Metrics & Operational Drivers, and Capital Requirements (to fund growth, restructuring, buyout of partners, etc.)
  • Research and Overview Current M&A Climate (financial buyer vs. strategic buyer analysis)
  • Industry-Up-to-date Analysis & Research
  • Listing of Recent M&A Transactions in the Company’s Industry-Guideline private and public market analysis
  • Business Valuation Analysis identifying Fair Market Value and Investment Value Ranges, Value Drivers
  • Preliminary Buyer/Investor Identification (Financial, Strategic and Private Equity)

Consider A Liquidity Event. When you exit your business, are you going to receive the appropriate price and terms to fund other business interests?

Have you ever found $5 in your pocket? How about $13 million?

True Story — In 1998, we valued a manufacturing business in the Midwest for $30 million. At first, the seller thought we were crazy. He & his CPA thought the business was only worth $17-$18 million. Fortunately for the seller, his financial advisor insisted that the business be valued. And it ended up selling for $30 million – over 66% more than they had anticipated. If you’re selling a business, initiating gift & estate tax planning, involved in divorce proceedings or financing a business, make sure you talk to us first. You might find an extra few bucks in your pocket, too.

                           “The buyer rarely buys what the seller thinks he’s selling.”

                                                                                                     -Peter Drucker

As a business owner, going home at night knowing you’re building something of value, more valuable today than yesterday, is something precious. Yet most business owners haven’t had a valuation done in the past three years, if ever. Without a market valuation analysis, a business owner may be placing their time, money, and energy into efforts that aren’t increasing their business’ value.

For a business owner, understanding your business’ value is essential so you can proactively plan and execute on the things that will increase the business’ value today while preparing for the impact industry and economic changes may have on the business’ valuation in the future.

National Transaction Advisors’ Market Valuation Analysis is a vital part of running a business and eventually every business owner will need a valuation on their business. We take this responsibility very serious and ensure that everything is held in strict confidence.

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