Phil RykhoekSenior Advisor - Virtual CEO, COO & Board Advisor

Meet Phil

Phil Rykhoek is a battle-hardened financial executive, a conceptual thinker with a strategic mindset.  He is naturally analytic, thoughtful, collaborative, and operates with a high level of integrity.  Phil has held CEO, COO, CFO and board positions primarily in the public oil and gas industry, most recently as CEO of Denbury Resources.  His experience includes debt restructurings, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, numerous debt and equity offerings, investor relations and personnel management and development.  Phil is not afraid of a challenge, including financially distressed companies, as he loves to roll up his sleeves and solve problems.   With his finance and accounting background, he is not limited to the oil and gas industry, although that has been his primary focus during his career, beginning his career nearly 40 years ago with Price Waterhouse.

With his vast experience in an active company and industry, coupled with his valuable perspective overseeing all aspects of a public company as CEO, he is a valuable business resource.   You will find him to be a team player, a down to earth leader with a calming influence and is a valuable addition to any organization.

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